Measuring & Location Techniques. Made in Germany.


Core competencies

No path is easy all of the time. That is true for ours too. That's why we concentrate our team’s capabilities. On the essentials. For us, that means four areas: cable diagnosis, cable fault location, water leak detection and line and object location.

As a result of this concentration, we are in the position of being able to recognise our customer’s needs early on and to quickly produce suitable solutions.

Cable diagnosis

Cables are amongst an electricity supplier's most important assets. Precise knowledge about the current condition of the cables is thus of the utmost importance. Partial discharge diagnosis to evaluate local weak points as well as the integrated diagnosis of the insulation provide the basics for correct maintenance measures and investment decisions. Installation faults are reliably revealed using VLF and DC test systems.

Cable fault location

Faults are the "natural enemy" of reliability. The innovative SebaKMT products make it possible to quickly localise cable faults without causing damage to fault-free parts of the cable.

Water leak detection

For leaks in a pipe network very quick action is required to prevent a large volume of valuable drinking water from being lost. The simple handling and the reliability of SebaKMT technology provide the perfect basis for this.

Line and object location

To locate cables, pipes and metallic objects as well as for sounding out a site and routing lines, SebaKMT offers a complete product range of passive and active location equipment. This ranges from simple metal detectors up to intelligent audio frequency fault location systems.

TV inspection of sewers

The use of sewer pipeline cameras is becoming increasingly important for the protection of our water resources. The requirements of our customers and the results of extensive tests had a great effect on the design and the simple use of the cameras.