Measuring & Location Techniques. Made in Germany.


Venue Baunach (near Bamberg)

Our training centre in Baunach is comprised of, besides several extensive test sites for cable fault location and water leak detection, 11 seminar rooms with overall 300 seats.

Aside from the technical point of view we also want to give you the understanding of the Franconian way of life.

Therefore we host seminar evenings which follow the Franconian traditions.

Here you have the possibility of exchanging experiences with colleagues or our course instructors.

All seminars in Baunach include:

  • Lecture on the basics in practical and comprehensible form.
  • Display and practice of the different test methods under authentic practical conditions. With great effort we have created test sites with miscellaneous cables and water pipes which have various faults.
  • Discussion of special problems of the participants, exchange of experience among professional colleagues, one-on-one interviews and information beyond the seminar subject.
  • We also learn from you and therefore are glad about any helpful suggestions and criticism. 40 years of successful seminars and an increasing turnout prove the case for our path.

Please contact us for training in your facilities:

Andrea Tropper
Dr.-Herbert-Iann Str. 6
D-96148 Baunach / Germany

Tel: +49 (0) 9544 68 71 12
Fax: +49 (0) 9544 22 73


  • Venue Baunach
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