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The permanent availability of energy, water and communication is the lifeblood of our times and our customer's job. But the demands on supply networks are continuously increasing.

The power of our technology and our employees' competence make it possible to guarantee the availability of your networks.

For us, the reliability of our products is not only a fundamental requirement but the most important objective of our work.

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With the most modern technology such as the ICEplus pre-location in low voltage supply networks or with the active arc pulses, ARM, we have developed innovative fault location methods for electrical networks, which quickly and reliably lead to success.

From small reflectometers (TDR) up to customised cable test vans built to customer specifications, we offer our customers a comprehensive product portfolio for all imaginable problems.


Communication is the mainspring for the economic development of modern industrialised countries. The high utilisation of communication networks through language and data transfer make the operational reliability and readiness of the cables ever more important. It demands swift and economical fault locating and clearing.

Fault location using reflectometry and automated bridge measurement processes enable data transmission to be rapidly reinstated. Our monitoring systems have also proved to be a great success, reporting weak points before a fault has actually occurred.


Despite resources becoming increasingly scarce, the global demand for water is growing. This means that an ever better distribution is necessary. The quality of the network infrastructure plays an essential role in this. SebaKMT leak detection products for zone measuring and zone monitoring offer a complete system for reliably locating and thus efficiently remedying leaks.

Our concept is designed for three stages of leak detection: zone measurements, which provide information about the state of defined subareas of the network, preliminary locations, which zeros in on the leak location, and pinpoint location, which locates the leak to the nearest centimetre.

Line & object location

The SebaKMT line location systems allow your staff to quickly and reliably find cables, identify the exact route and gain a comprehensive view of the network.

Be it for ground surveys or route tracing, we offer future-proof systems that stand out thanks to their reliability and precision.

We have the most comprehensive Easyloc product portfolio for route tracing, from simple tracing using the Vivax-Metrotech FM series to the high-end location systems with GPS function.