Measuring & Location Techniques. Made in Germany.



Today, energy producers and providers and service providers in the fields of cable maintenance and fault location are obliged to ensure a high quality supply of energy to customers.

When a fault arises, it costs both time and money. On the one hand the consumers must be reconnected to the grid as quickly as possible, to keep the financial and goodwill damages as low as possible, on the other hand it is necessary to make the cost-intensive work of service units as efficient as possible.

The use of the right technology, a very high level of reliability and components that are easy to operate means that SebaKMT can locate faults in cables and overhead lines quickly, reliably and efficiently.

SebaKMT's product range covers all requirements related to locating faults, inspecting and diagnosing faults as well as the tools for selecting energy cables. This applies to low, medium and high-voltage networks.