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The 50 Hz Slope Technology

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The SebaKMT diagnosis philosophy

One of the goals of SebaKMT diagnosis technologies is to avoid service interruptions during network operation in medium voltage, high voltage and extra high voltage cable systems. Service interruptions are primarily caused by damages to the cable caused by laying, workmanship failures on accessories and ageing related causes on joints, terminations and cable insulation. The second goal is to save costs by efficiently replace cables based on their condition.

With SebaKMT diagnostic systems, all damages and installation failures can be detected and corrected in order to avoid network failures and the subsequent costs that they incur. On the one hand, it is possible to check these factors before a cable is put into operation. At this time, all components can still be easily reached and the quality of the new cable system is verified. On the other hand, permanent or periodic condition analysis can identify impending faults and make it possible to carry out condition-based maintenance work on the network thus also preventing interruptions during operation.