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Partial discharge diagnosis


Test and diagnosis system for medium voltage cables

The MV DAC-30 is a DAC (Damped AC Voltage) test set with a peak voltage of 30 kV. The test set can be used for quality control on newly installed cables, according to IEEE 400.4 standard. In addition, to prevent unplanned outages, the unit can also be used for condition monitoring purposes on aged cable circuits. The main use of the DAC test set is to identify, evaluate and locate partial discharge (PD) faults in the cable insulation and accessories of all types of medium voltage power cables. PD activity is an indication of incipient faults in the insulation and is therefore widely regarded as one of the best ‘early warning’ indicators of the deterioration of medium and high voltage insulation.

The test set incorporates a partial discharge (PD) detector, allowing monitoring the quality of workmanship and the condition of the cable. The PD measurement system is state of the art with live evaluation, localization and display of results. Maintenance activities can be directly planned during the actual measurement. All data is stored in a powerful cable data base, where data can be easily accessed again, and reports printed.


  • Safest operation as of fully save to touch metallic enclosed housing with integrated voltage source and PD detector
  • Uses well proven DAC voltage for PD measurements (acc. IEC 60270)
  • “Live” evaluation and display of results
  • As of two-part design easy to transport

  • MV DAC-30