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Partial discharge diagnosis

UHF PD detector

Handheld online PD substation surveying system

The UHF PD Detector is the ideal tool for non-invasive quick surveys in MV and HV substations and should be part of the toolbox for all maintenance and service teams. UHF measurements allow, as of the high bandwidth, for accurate local online PD measurements in frequency ranges which are above the common disturbances. In addition, the high bandwidth together with PRPD pattern display, also enables segregation of the type of defects. Corona discharges and surface discharges can be easily distinguished from the dangerous internal partial discharges which is another advantage of this type of technology.


  • Non-invasive tool for online PD measurements in MV and HV substations
  • Large color touch-screen for easy operation
  • Dual channel system for direct comparison between two sensors
  • Synchronization with power frequency via internal, mains or external sensor for PRPD pattern recognition

  • UHF PD detector