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Ground microphone / Sniffer

Fault Sniffer

In many situations, conventional fault location is impossible, for example when the electrical supply of customers cannot be disconnected or the necessary fault location system is temporarily unavailable. These are situations where the Fault Sniffer enables you to quickly locate the fault without interrupting the power supply to the customers.

The Fault Sniffer is not intended to replace conventional fault location but is a fast, easy to use and inexpensive supplement and alternative which does not disrupt the electricity supply.
The Fault Sniffer detects and measures the typical burning gases as they are produced by cable faults and shows their concentration. The maximum value is indicating the fault position.

Key benefits:

  • Fault location without power interrupt
  • Reliable avoidance of unnecessary excavations
  • Fast and easy location of the fault spot
  • Handy size, easy to transport
  • Accurate to around a decimetre
  • Detection of fault gases from a large distance
  • Sensitive to several gases, suitable for any insulation material
  • Fault Sniffer
  • Fault Sniffer
  • Fault Sniffer
  • Fault Sniffer