Measuring & Location Techniques. Made in Germany.


Portable systems


The practical and efficient solution for the fast on spot fault location.

The EZ-Thump is the compact and light weight, battery or mains powered solution for the fault location in MV or LV cables. It presents the ideal supplement for a satellite-based concept in areas of lower distribution density and failure rate, where fast reaction, weight, size and economy are the driving factors. The system requires no adjustments and needs only to be operated by a rotary encoder.

Key benefits:

  • Easiest, fully automatic operation
  • All in one small and portable unit
  • ARM Prelocation
  • Pinpointing with 500 J
  • Available as 4 or 12 kV version
  • Bright, brilliant colour display
  • Battery operation
  • EZ-Thump
  • EZ-Thump