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ARM Filter / Accessories


The Arc Stabilisation unit ARM 3-E causes a short time stabilisation of the arc in a high resistive fault spot in the cable. The ignition of the arc is caused by a capacitive discharge of the surge generator up to 32 kV.

The ARM 3-E operates with an active prelocation technology. It contains an own HV source and a surge capacitor. It discharges a surge voltage discharge of up to 2 kV with 640 Joule surge energy into the arc ignited before, which then automatically followed by the reflectometer measuring pulse, showing the fault as a negative reflection. Additionally the 2 kV surge generator can also be used for LV fault prelocation and pinpointing without the need for an additional surge generator.

Key benefits:

  • Active, powerful Arc Reflection technology
  • Permits easiest and reliable prelocation
  • Integrated 2 kV surge generator for cable preserving LV fault location
  • Applicable for medium and low voltage cables
  • ARM 3-E