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ARM Filter / Accessories

Echo Pulser

The Echo Pulser marks the position, where it is connected with the system, by producing a temporary impedance short circuit. This short is easily visible for the connected reflectometer. It affects only high frequency signals like the reflectometer pulse, but has no effect at all to the normal low frequent power supply.

This permits the direct identification of the connection point of the Echo Pulser by a suitable reflectometer, without the need to disconnect customers or branches of a T’eed network. By altering the different connection points on the available house circuit breaker terminals, each branch can be separately identified, and shorts or interrupts can detected and localised.

Key benefits:

  • Generation of a unique, clearly identifiable reflection signal
  • Connection to life LV
  • Customers stay connected
  • Connection to any accessible location of the system
  • Easiest operation
  • Automatic identification and signalling of cable voltages higher than 42 V
  • Echo Pulser