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ARM Filter ETF 3

The ETF (Energy Separation Filter) 3 kV was specially developed for the fault location on symmetrical communication and pilot cables. The combination of burn unit, ETF 3 and a Reflectometer permits a fast fault prelocation on high resistive and especially on humid cable faults.

The ETF 3 provides a solution for such applications, where the permitted voltage due to the cable type and their allowed test voltage level is limited to a level which prevents the use of the standard burn and fault location technologies.

The burn procedure can be directly observed on the display of the connected reflectometer. As soon as the fault becomes low resistive, the fault distance is visible. This permits a “cable preserving” limitation of the burn time to the minimal required duration.

Key benefits:

  • Cable preserving fault location on communication-, pilot- and LV cables
  • Especially suited for difficult to find humidity faults
  • Output voltage limited to a maximum of 3 kV
  • ETF 3