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Surge wave generator

Surge Unit 8 - 1000

The Surge Wave Generator SU 2/4/ 8 kV is primarily designed for the cable fault location on low voltage, control cables and other similar types of cables for example deep well pump supply cables. A common surge generator is seldom adapted to these voltages and delivers at these voltages only very low surge energies. The specific features of the Surge Unit 2/4/8 are high surge energies at low voltages.

This permits the location of the sometimes difficult to find faults as they appear often in the LV distribution. A damage of the cables or accessories by high voltage can be avoided by the selection of a suitable voltage range.

Key benefits:

  • Low voltages
  • High surge energy
  • Also available as a complete fault location system
  • High burn current of 1.4 A
  • Surge Unit 8 - 1000