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VLF testing systems

VLF Sinus 45 kV

The VLF sine wave 45 kV with integrated tanDelta is a compact, robust, and portable high-performance test and diagnostic system for medium voltage cables.

The 45 kV tester is a multifunctional tool: apart from VLF and DC testing, it also performs sheath testing and sheath fault pinpointing (in combination with the step voltage probe ESG NT). Moreover, the optional internal tanDelta expands the system to assess both cable integrity and condition.

The smart VLF system automatically adjusts the test frequency to the cable length, making even tests on 25 kV rated cables (up to 25 km) easy and reliable.

Special features:

  • Performs cable withstand testing, cable diagnosis, and sheath fault pinpointing
  • Automatically adjusts the test frequency to the cable length
  • Eliminates hazards to the user and guarantees limited damage to the cable
  • Easy field operation with no need for external computer
  • VLF Sinus 45 kV